Tree Canopy Climb - Pruning

Pruning of trees has historically been an action to a delayed response by the owner to fulfill short term desires with not enough consideration to how this may affect the trees health. The objectives that meet the well being of the tree and the desires of the tree owner need not be mutually exclusive. With our correct pruning techniques and tree management regime there are many alternatives to felling and removing trees which should be considered if felling can be avoided.

In the majority of cases the reasons for pruning are to benefit our own desires of visual aesthetics without compromising the safety of our house or family. Often pruning is done too severely for what we think is best for us and the tree when in fact severe pruning benefits neither in the long term. Therefore it is necessary to develop a good pruning management regime for each tree and stick to the program. A good tree pruning program is one that understands the tree's physiology over its lifetime.

Prior to all pruning work all trees are checked for Tree Preservation Orders (T.P.O.'s) and whether they are located within a Conservation Area. If this is the case, Tree Canopy Climb will deal with all necessary paperwork and forms required to attempt permission to prune, or in more severe cases remove, these trees.

There are three general pruning techniques:

3 general pruning techniques

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We try to advise against topping trees wherever necessary unless on conifers, hollies or certain evergreens that are not negatively affected by topping. The decision to top or pollard a tree will only be taken when all other alternatives are exhausted. Remember topping is not only harmful to the tree but it's also at great expense to the client who will have to keep calling out a tree surgeon when the tree has quickly grown back to height again. We strongly advise you to refer to the following link below, which highlights the 5 main reasons against topping.

If a tree is too big for the garden itís more often the case that the wrong species has been selected or the house has been built too close to the tree. Tree species are a product of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution; so despite the tree surgeonsí best efforts, the tree will always try to grow to its usual limits programmed by its inherent genetic properties. A good human analogy would be that it doesnít matter how many times you die a black haired person blonde; he or she will always revert back to the natural colour genetically programmed within that person. Put simply: select a tree species that is fitting with what you want for your garden / property and check the limits of its mature growth!