Tree Canopy Climb - Legislation

Tree Canopy Climb recognizes & works to all current government legislation, as detailed below:

Town & Country Planning Act 1990 & Town & Country Planning (Trees) Regulations

All trees within a Conservation Area or with a Tree Preservation Order (T.P.O.) are afforded legal protection under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. Applications must be made to local councils to carry out work on these trees prior to any pruning / felling work. Tree Canopy Climb checks every tree for such designations prior to work. In the event that the tree is protected Tree Canopy Climb will fill out all relevant paperwork as an approved agent to the client.

Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

This Act gives protection to all roosting bats and nesting birds. Where a bat or bird is discovered to be using the tree as a roost / nest site work cannot be carried out in the tree. It is the duty of the client and tree surgeon to thoroughly inspect the tree for birds and bats prior to work commencing.

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (L.O.L.E.R.) 1998 and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (P.U.W.E.R.) 1998

All climbing equipment must be certified by an independent qualified L.O.L.E.R. inspector. Without L.O.L.E.R. inspection and certification on climbing equipment the tree surgeon cannot be covered by insurance in the event of an accident because of faults in climbing equipment. Tree Canopy Climbs' L.O.L.E.R. certification was carried out by a qualified L.O.L.E.R. inspector at Trees Unlimited, Leeds.

LOLER: How the Regulations apply to arboriculture

Simple guide to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

British Standard "Recommendations for Tree Work" B.S.3998:1989

BS 3998:1989   Recommendations for tree work