Tree Canopy Climb - Felling

Sometimes it's necessary to dismantle and fell a tree where it is no longer a good idea to allow the tree to die on its own accord. Where trees compromise health and safety aspects or where they are compromising structural building integrity the decision may be taken to take the tree down.

Although Tree Canopy Climb prefers wherever possible to keep trees alive, there are times when a tree has to be taken down either because of clients / neighbors demands or as a demand of insurance companies.

Prior to all dismantling and felling work; all trees are checked for Tree Preservation Orders (T.P.O.'s) and whether they are located within a Conservation Area. If this is the case, Tree Canopy Climb will deal with all necessary paperwork and forms required to attempt permission to fell these trees.

All stumps that remain at ground level are treated with a recognised systemic herbicide which biologically kills the whole stump and root system preventing future growth and root development.