Tree Canopy Climb - Ecology

Managed by a qualified ecologist, Tree Canopy Climb combines the essential links between the art of tree pruning (tree surgery) and the science (understanding the basic principles of the biology and physiology of a tree). With a real understanding of trees in their natural environment Tree Canopy Climb has built up knowledge and experience in how best to prune trees that are planted in an environment that isn't their natural habitat.

A common misconception is one of people believing that trees growing in amenity situations, such as gardens, parkland and roadsides etc. is a natural environment for trees to thrive in. This is incorrect. Trees have evolved into their families and species through thousands of years of evolution. The majority, if not all, of these U.K. species have evolved and adapted their growth traits in a undisturbed woodland habitat. Therefore when these trees are planted in open spaces they grow differently in this unnatural environment that they haven't evolved in. So to the surprise of many, trees growing in an urban or amenity environment are not growing the way they naturally would.

One easy example of this is trees growing in wide open spaces that throw out long wide sweeping branches low down in the tree’s canopy giving it a typical grand parkland tree appearance. If this tree were put back in its natural forest environment all those lower branches would fail as there would be no sunlight getting to them because of competition for light above. Trees in woodlands grow up in search for light quicker than their neighbours. As side branches become out shaded by their neighbours these branches are lost to branches growing higher in the canopy in search for more sunlight and away from the shade.

Simple understanding of the biology and ecology of trees means that Tree canopy Climb is able to prune and work with a tree in harmony with what the tree wants and what's beneficial to the customer. A win win situation