Tree Canopy Climb - About us

Tree Canopy Climb is a young business run by a highly qualified Certified Arborist (with the International Society of Arboriculture) and experienced chainsaw operative (12+ years) with 5,000,000 public indemnity insurance and comprehensive personal accident insurance. All ropes and climbing equipment are inspected to L.O.L.E.R. standards every 6-months therefore complying with current legislation to complete safe climbing operations.

We are always happy to provide proof of insurance and qualifications when quoting. Indeed we prefer that our customers insist on seeing these to prevent unscrupulous traders winning quotes who do not have insurance cover or the necessary qualifications. All tree surgeons climbing trees require a chainsaw card with CS 30, 31, 38 & 39 (Units 1 & 2) qualifications written on the back of the card. Without this all accidents (personal or property) are not covered by insurance.

Tree Canopy Climb undertakes all manner of shrub / tree pruning felling work to the highest of standards and offer constructive and comprehensive advice on pruning and felling work. As the company is run by a B.Sc. (hons) & M.Sc. ecologically qualified operative, we try to offer advice so that our clients can live in harmony with their trees without compromising their home and garden vista views, their property's secuirty or sunlight reaching the grounds of their property.

Where dismantling and felling is necessary Tree Canopy Climb will dismantle and remove trees using lowering ropes and equipment to minimize any risk of damage to nearby property.

All wood and chippings will be removed from the clients property unless the client expresses an interest in keeping firewood or chippings in which case we'll endeavor to chop all firewood to manageable size and spread the chippings as desired.